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Auto electric experts at Garry’s Auto offers wide range of automotive services including electric brakes, start motor, led & engine light diagnosis and repairs etc...
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Air Conditioning

Regas auto air con

Automotive Air Conditioning Expertise

With over 50 years in automotive air conditioning, Garry’s Auto and Batteries makes sure your vehicle efficiently cools on a hot summers day and warms you in winter. AC also dehumidifies air and demists steamed up windows.


A well serviced air conditioning filters pollutants and pollen providing fresh and clean air to driver and passengers. Anti-bacterial treatment of fungus and bacteria in  the air conditioning systems keep the air in the car pleasant and odour free. Regularly serviced air conditioning with the correct levels of coolant and pressures and a check of hoses, pipes and seals ensure a cool and efficient drive at all times.

our services

  • Automotive Air Conditioning servicing and repairs
  • Fault finding
  • Leak testing
  • Inspection of Evaporator coil leaks
  • Parts Check
  • Retro Fitting
  • Regas or Re-charge
  • Installations
  • Flushing of air conditioning components
  • Gas recovery
  • Auto air conditioning Pipes & Hose repairs
  • Deodorising/Anti bacterial treatment
  • Hose and pipe repair
Car Air Conditioning Repairs

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