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Garry’s Auto offers a large range of reliable batteries for your cars, 4wd and SUV. We also offer routine to major vehicle services in Castle Hill and Sydney areas.
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The Right Battery For Your Vehicle

Large range of quality, reliable batteries fitted to your car, 4WD, caravan, light commercial, buggy or mobility scooter

  • Car

    • The constant stop start of city driving, and modern electrical components can put a large strain on your vehicle’s battery. We will choose the right battery to suit any driving condition to get you there safely. We choose quality.

  • 4WD & SUV

    • Australia’s diverse and tough conditions make for some extreme off road adventures. 4WD accessories, high temperatures and rough terrain call for a more robust battery for your vehicle. We will choose the right battery to ensure you will enjoy your outdoor adventure. We choose endurance.

  • Light Commercial

    • Minimise down time and maximise performance with the right battery. Get a quality long lasting high performance battery for your van or light truck.

  • Buggies & Mobility

    • Stay mobile and enjoy the ride with a light weight but high-performance battery. Garry’s provides compact and durable battery solutions for you. We choose reliability.

  • Marine

    • The right battery for any marine application. High power, low-maintenance and deep cycle batteries giving you a great day on the water. Powering your boat and on board accessories with superior quality marine batteries.

  • Caravans & Motorhomes

    • Enjoy all of life’s luxuries whilst discovering the great outdoors – with the right batteries for your campervan, motorhome or caravan. We can also advise you on the latest solar technology to make your adventure even more versatile. We choose freedom.

  • Solar

    • Our highly experienced staff are trained in all the latest, high quality solar applications that can be fitted to your vehicle. Take your boat, caravan or 4WD further than ever with the flexibility of solar energy. We choose flexibilty – so you can venture further.

  • Testing & Recycling

    • Pro-actively testing your battery and electrical system regularly will help reduce chances of stress and failure. With our latest technology in battery testing and diagnostics we guarantee fast, accurate, on-the-spot test results. We choose to recycle all used batteries in a professional and environmentally friendly manner.

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Best Buy Battery for your vehicle

Garry’s Auto & Battery easy battery replacement and configuration – with more than 30 years of battery know-how, we we have the right battery to suit your motoring needs from our wide battery range for most vehicle makes and models. We provide x years of warranty on all our batteries for your peace of mind. Many imported batteries, made for less harsh overseas climates. We have the right battery to suit Australian conditions and deliver longer life and superior performance. And of course we will recycle your old battery free of charge. Visit us today to test your battery.

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