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Garry’s Auto offers car servicing & repair center with professional team in Castle Hill and surrounding areas. Avail pink slip, Blue slips services with variety of smash repair, Brakes, Clutch replacement, Diesel Service, Oil and Filter change and car restoration.
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Car Repair & Service

expert car service

expert car service

Your manufacturer’s full warranty will be maintained with our competitively priced comprehensive log book services.

Modern car engines and components are electronically controlled. At Garry’s, all our staff are expertly trained and highly skilled to work with complex vehicular electronic systems. It is our promise to you to only provide the highest quality of service with the best quality parts and oils.

Visit us today for professional vehicle servicing you can trust.

our services

Every car is different. At Garry’s Auto and Batteries we know what your car needs! We service to every car manufacturers specification.


Oil change, oil filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, air filter replacement, pollen filter replacement, coolant flush, suspension check, drive-line check, battery check, lights check, hand brake check and adjust, drive belt inspect, transmission fluid replacement, tyre rotation, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid and spark plugs, onboard diagnostics, clutch, suspension, belts, hoses, wipers and tyre pressure and much more.


Thinking of buying a new vehicle? Garry’s Auto & Batteries will assist you with a thorough pre-purchase inspection – so you get top value for your money.


Garry’s Auto Electrics & Batteries is a family owned business has been taking car of care of cars, caravans, motorhome, 4WDs, golf buggies, mobility vehicles in Sydney’s Hills District area for over 50 years.

We will service, repair or diagnose your vehicle without affecting your car manufacturers warranty.


We only use quality parts on your vehicle and all servicing will carried out strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the value of your car is maintained.

satisfaction Guarantee
Blue and Pink slip

vehicle inspections

Blue Slips  

Is your vehicle not currently registered in NSW? Has your registration expired more than 3 months ago? Do you own a vehicle with no number plates?  Is your vehicle written-off and approved for re-registration? Then Garry’s Auto & Batteries can assist with an authorised unregistered vehicle inspection or a so-called ‘Blue Slip’. The inspection thoroughly checks all the components of your car – for leaks, lights, seat belts, brakes, suspension – and more.


Pink Slips

Do you own a vehicle that is more than five years old? You require an eSafety CheckFor or sometimes called ‘Pink Slip’. Your vehicle will be checked for it’s road worthiness before you can renew the registration.


Book your fast, easy and good value check with our authorized technicians today. 


At Garry’s we pride ourselves in being abreast of our field. Equipped with the latest technology to scan your vehicle, we are able to offer a timely and accurate diagnostic of your vehicle and act promptly to repair your vehicle to the highest possible standard.

With over 30 years automotive servicing experience and expert training, our philosophy is ‘it’s the correct diagnosis that counts’. We will not guess, we specialise in finding the root of the problem first and repair at the source. We want to save you money.

We use the latest computer technology to assess On Board Diagnostics to answer why the warning light has come on. We can see where the fault lies and act to repair that fault in the most efficient and professional manner.

Have a problem and need a solution? Book your car in today!

Car diagnostics

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